Dance and sing

I think it's so interesting how people like to spend their birthdays. Some like a quiet affair. Some prefer no affair at all. I like to celebrate my birthday with people. As many as I can. Whoever is available.

I like to dance and sing and let my hair down and cheer and cavort around without a care in the world. Because for that night, or that moment in time, I want to celebrate being where I am and who I am in the happiest and most joyous of ways. I want to set aside the bad breaks I may have had or the raw deal I may have been handed or the things that did not turn out the way I wanted or the reasons I could pile up to sit down and cry. I want to do the opposite on my birthday, I want to be in a place of gratitude and delicious happiness. I want to embrace absolutely completely what I have in my life and not even give a blink to what I have not. I want to appreciate those who celebrate with me rather than dwell on those who cannot.

We all have times in our lives and events in our lives that did not turn out as we wanted or expected; but we have also had the opposite- moments that have turned out even greater than we could have imagined. So while there are plenty of times we may want to wallow, we should also allow for and schedule time to revel. We should take the effort to whoop and dance, we should take a moment to feel complete and full. Because there will be plenty of time to worry and to fret, so make a plan and take a moment to let it all go and let it all out. You will feel better for having chosen that time, you will be better for having made the effort.

This is the life.


  1. Hello Allison...I'm with you. Birthdays are for celebrating to the MAX!

    I have a friend who now lives thousands of miles away. We still talk every couple of weeks.

    She taught me to take the WHOLE MONTH of my birthday to celebrate----go out to lunches, get presents, buy gifts for myself, and on and on.

    I LOVED that idea and have done it for several years now.

    The only drawback is having to wait til September. ha hahah Susan


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