Keeping the faith

I think there's a difference between wanting something more and wanting something right. We can all do more in our lives. We can be more present, we can be more thoughtful. We can be more complimentary, we can be more understanding. There are plenty of things we can do and plenty of things we should do, but the one thing we need to remember is that being more of any of these things won't make something wrong suddenly be right; and being less of these things won't take something right and turn it on its head. 

When we're younger we have these ideas about what it will be like to be in love, to be in a relationship, to be married or to be committed to someone else. But if you are with the right person then just being with them will feel fundamentally correct to you. You will feel appreciated and adored even in your worst moments, even in a less than joyful demeanor. Because being with the right person means being accepted even when things are not perfect, and maybe more importantly, just because things are not perfect. 

If we take a step back and ask ourselves if we feel better having THAT person in our lives, not just having A person in our lives, then we can cut ourselves a break and them as well. We can decide that being with that person means wanting to work a little harder at being grateful, but not needing to be anything more than who we are. 

There is a line in one of my favorite movies, "Keeping the Faith" where the boy says to the girl, "I've been waiting my whole life for someone like you and I'm not gonna let you go." So here's to the waiting, and here's to the being found. 

After all, this is the life.