Ordinary days

It's funny the things you miss when someone's gone. When I got married, I missed having my mom there, but I missed her even more so when I got divorced. I missed her when I had my children, but I missed her even more when they were driving me crazy through the terrible twos, and terrible twelves.

I remember a time when I got grounded and had to stay home from my friend's sleepover party. I remember how angry I was at not being able to go, but I remember even more how my mom came to my room and offered to let me come down and have an ice cream sundae with her - complete with hot fudge and wet walnuts. I remember shopping and vacations, but I also remember the way she would turn around with her huge dark round sunglasses on with her right arm thrown behind the passenger seat headrest when she was pulling the car  out of the driveway. Always the same pattern backing up, always the same way she would turn around.

It's the ordinary things that really make a person who they are. It's the everyday nothings that define a relationship. It's the routines and the monotony that stay with you as reminders, that are steeped in your brain so you don't have to look too far for a memory. It's the normalcy of what was that can bring you comfort when you are lonely. People think that it's the special moments in life that need to be captured, but the truth is that it's the daily routine that weave and make solid the life we actually live.

This is the life.


  1. Hot fudge and wet walnuts, I remember also. I still turn around that way to back out the car, that's the way we were taught in Driver Ed at Lawrence HS. Thanks for the memories. Every day is a gift, live it as best as you can. Aunt E


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