The robin

So there's this robin that lives near my house (or at least frequents my front and back yards) and I could swear that robin holds the spirit of my mom. I first noticed this bird right after my separation from my (then) husband- the way it would stop what it was doing and look at me as I gazed outside, feeling lost or scared- not knowing what was happening to my life or my marriage; not knowing where I was going or where I would wind up. And as it hopped around my yard and looked over at me, I could swear that that robin was trying to tell me to hang on, that things would be ok, offering me comfort and offering me hope.

That robin has stayed around my house for years- coming and going through the seasons, but showing itself intentionally, I think, so that when I look out my kitchen window or sit on my front porch, I know it's still there. "There's my mom again!" I often point out to my kids. And they laugh at me and shake their heads... and yet sometimes they will also look outside and say "Grandma's here!" and we smile.

Maybe the robin holds the spirit of my mom or maybe it doesn't, but that is not really the issue. Rather thinking of my mom and feeling connected to her is something worth holding on to. And I think showing my children that you can find comfort and buoyancy in nature and in spirit is a gift that may serve them well some later time in their lives. Because after death, while our spirit may leave our bodies, our soul can still provide comfort- knowing you are not alone, even when you feel most lonely, can help keep your spirit resilient and your heart full.

This is the life.
Happy Mother's Day.


  1. Allison, this is a beautiful message and I also believe that we receive messages in so many ways. Blessings


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