The answer

I think maybe the answer is to not always know how the story will end. To not always have an answer to every question. To not always have the future plotted out on a timeline. 

Maybe the answer is to be able to live with uncertainty and to relish that, or at least acknowledge it and try to appreciate it. Maybe if we knew less and wished more, if we planned less and hoped more, if we tried less and prayed more, if we talked less and loved more, we would find that we didn't need to know the ending because the middle would be just as delightful. 

If we knew that in the end things would work out as they were supposed to, that our life was to be lived full of dreams and not plans, maybe then we could breathe easier and fuller, maybe then we could rest and be comforted. Because while uncertainty can be uncomfortable, really nothing in life is certain, and in the meantime  we should surround ourselves with those we love, and relish in the joy of today while hoping for the best tomorrow. 

This is the life.