Brave with joy

Today I am filled with joy and hope. Today I don't just believe that good things are coming, I can feel that good things are coming. I can sense that the winds are blowing in my favor. I am excited and anxious and hopeful and happy and I am anticipating all that is good that may be happening in my life. I am also intentionally not letting myself think about what if things don't work out and how sad that would make me and how good things can't just be good and how you have to look behind each curtain to see who's pulling the strings. No, today I will just appreciate that, in this moment, my cup runneth over with hope. Today I will be brimming.

I was listening to a TED talk by Brene Brown yesterday, and she was talking about what happens in those moments when we are just filled with joy. How we can't believe our luck and we can't believe how happy we are, and we can't just let things be as good as they are, so that our minds move from being filled with joy to being filled with ideas of how terrible things could wind up. How we are not just waiting for the other shoe to drop, but we actively look for that shoe and imagine what bad things could happen and imagine how sad and devastated we would be when something bad happens to take away the joy we are feeling.

Because when all you hope for might just come true and when even things you could not dream of may be coming your way, it is the safe thing to do to try to protect yourself and  not let yourself be too optimistic; but it is the brave thing to do to embrace optimism even when you can't imagine that things could work out. So today I will be brave with joy. Today I will not just think good thoughts but believe them and hold on to them as well. Today I will put it all out there and see what comes back. Because trying and hoping and praying and doing can only mean that you did all you could, and that can never be wrong and that can never be bad; it can only mean you are doing your best so that you just wait to see what happens next.

This is the life.


  1. A brave with joy day sounds great to me, Allison! So happy to hear it. Susan

  2. Allison, a lack of trust (often formed in childhood) and faith keeps us stewing in what ifs. Expect good, give good, receive good. Your philosophy is wonderful.


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