To make you feel my love

And so the song goes, "No there's nothing that I wouldn't do, to make you feel my love." I think that's really what we all want, to feel that we are loved. To know that someone out there is thinking about us, to believe that someone cares. And yet the other hand is also true, that it is a wonderful feeling to give love, to make someone understand that they are loved, to let someone know that you believe in them, that you believe in an "us".

In my wanderings and searching for love, I think I understand this now- that is it not just about feeling loved, but about giving love as well. That it really is a blessing to be able not to just to love someone, but to tell them you love them, to have them feel that you love them. It is terrifying- that first time you want to say it out loud, and the fear that you may not hear it in return. But that is the true test of love and the true feeling of being brave: to say that you love someone and not only not expect to hear it in return, but to not need to hear it either. To give without wanting anything in return.

So for me and for all of us, I hope today that you put yourself out there just for the sake of having love to give and that you give it freely and wholly. Tell someone you love them. Tell someone you believe in them. Tell someone you hope for them that their dreams come true; and sit with the feeling of giving that gift of making someone feel your love.

This is the life.