All good things

I was talking to a friend the other day about how we feel like we have to choose which good things we want in our lives- like success in career or success in love; how we can't choose both, how many of us feel like we don't deserve both. But then it occurred to me: why not?

Why not hope for good outcomes on all fronts? Why not have faith that things will turn out well in all areas of our lives? Why not believe we can be grateful for more than one thing? Why not be happy for more than one miracle? 

So for this year I wish for all of us all good things. Good things in love and good things with our families. Good things with our jobs and good things with our homes. Good things with our friends and good things with our belongings. Good things for whatever that means to you. Good things for each of us. Good things for everyone. Because we don't all wish for the same good things so there must be more than enough to go around. Because we all want what's best for each of us and we all want what's best for the ones we love. So in this new year, here's to making wishes come true- in whatever number and whatever manner you wish them. 

Happy new year!


  1. Hello Allison...I wish for all good outcomes for you, too, this coming new year of life.


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