Going home

I was thinking about people going home for the holidays; how for some it's a joy and others it causes angst. How when you are in a bad marriage going home is not just difficult, it's excruciating. How when you are far away and have been for a while, going home is like nirvana. And it occurs to me that a feeling of "home" is a concept we have and that we can therefore make it what we want it to be.

I think home is where you want it. I think home is where you make it. I think home is where you include people who are your family by birth or your family by choice. I think home is a respite. I think home is a relief. I think home is something we can give to someone else. I think home is what we look for in love. 

So being home or going home is really all in our mind. And being with the right person feels like home no matter where you lay your head. Home is a feeling really, of belonging and acceptance. Home is a comfort and a thrill. Home is what we provide for others, but more importantly what we give to ourselves. 

This is the life. 


  1. Allison, home is where you hang your heart. I know people who live in mansions, yet their house is not a home. Your previous post is very meaningful, also. You should compile your words of wisdom into a self help book.

  2. Yes, Allison, I believe home is where the heart is. Susan


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