Being happy

As I  was looking at my daughters the other day and realizing that they are growing up and into teens and pre-teens, I thought about what it is I wish for them. And it occurred to me that all I really want for them is to be happy.

And, it turns out, that is all I really want for myself too. To be happy. To enjoy where I am. To appreciate where I'm going. To look at what's right in my life and be thankful. To look at what's wrong in my life and decide to change it. To do all that I can do to be happy. Not ecstatic, just happy.

Being happy means having enough. Being happy means having what you need but not all that you wish for. Being happy means having things to look forward to in the future and understanding what it is in the past that brought you to this moment. Being happy means being content. Being happy means being fulfilled. Being happy means being delighted in the life that you have. Being happy means being present. Being happy is all that I wish for myself and my children.

After all, this is the life.