Happy birthday to me

I really like celebrating my birthday. And not in an "all about me" kind of way (although some of my friends may smile and disagree), but in a "dance like no one's watching" kind of way. It may seem funny for a 42-very-shortly-going-on-43-year-old to celebrate her birthday, but for me, it's all about celebrating life.

There are years that I have been in the midst of turmoil, there are years I have been recovering from surgeries. There are years I have changed jobs or had a child or gotten divorced. I have made friends and lost friends. I have fallen in and out of love. I have had more good days than bad, I have had times I felt lost and alone. I have had years that I cannot remember how I made it through each day and years I wished I could live over and over again. Each year brings new breath and new spirit to my life. Each year also brings new challenges and the opportunity to grow. Each year I am surprised by what occurs and each year I am also surprised by how much remains the same.

It occurs to me that each birthday I wonder where I will be this time next year, and because of things that have happened in my past, because of illness or sadness or loss, I understand that there is no telling what can happen in a year's time. There is no forecasting the future and there is no guarantee. And it's because of that, that if given the chance, I will celebrate where I am and who I am on my birthday. So to all of you I say, "Happy birthday to me!" as I dance and sing as loud as I can.

This is the life.


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