Title change

I decided to change the title of my blog to "lessons learned" because it occurred to me this morning that when I am posting, I am posting not about my life, but about lessons I've learned in my life from experiences along the way. And I guess it's appropriate that the first lesson of my new-titled blog is to not let yourself get stuck in the past, to be hamstrung by what others think, to be constrained by what you are supposed to do and to embrace a change in your life, including a change in title. From Miss to Mrs, from Mrs. to Ms, from Mr. to Mr and Mr, and all the changes in between; it's not about the change in title, it's about the change in life.

Sometimes life or love doesn't look like you expect it to be- when you were younger thinking about your life to come, when you are older realizing what your life is. This lesson is also one that so many of my friends have inspired me to appreciate: my friends who are gay and have gotten married, my friends who are unhappily married and gotten divorced, my friends who are singe and decided to become a parent, my friends who have changed jobs, who have embraced love, who have been scared out of their wits about a change in their life and decided to go forward anyway.

I realize today that it is not so much a title that changes anything but the experience itself and how you live it. So for today, I will try to think less about what something is supposed to be and feel more about how it actually is. I will try to listen more to my heart, to trust more in my gut, to believe more in what I have, and embrace it all in the moment; with a title change or not, the change is in who we are and who we can be.

Lesson learned,