Withholding judgment

One thing that being a parent has made me aware of is how much I judge other people. How I look at parents of other children and think they're too strict or too permissive, too protective or too lienient. And then I am struck by the look on a friend's face when I am explaining the latest drama to ensue with one of my own- and I recognize the look so immediately on their faces as I am suddenly the one being judged.

And the truth of the matter is that we are all just doing the best we can with the hand we are dealt. We all have issues in our homes with one child or another on this day or that. We have all searched for answers and we have all sought out advice; and we have all, one way or another, found a way to get through today; sometimes in better shape than others. But without knowing the history and knowing the strife, it is easy to judge from the outside without having lived life in that home.

I imagine each day that at least one person I encounter has it easier than I do; and the truth is that they may have it so. And the other truth is that, if given the chance, there is a greater likelihood than not that I would not want to trade places with them in the end. We all have different lives to lead and different paths to walk. We all have different challenges to face and wounds to heal. We all have different ideas of what happiness is and we all have different modes of contentment. So when I look at someone else and think I could do it better or they should be acting differently, I will try to remember compassion and not judgment; and hope someone will do the same for me.

Lesson learned.