I'm one of those people who may do something stupid one day and then perseverate on it for the next several days after. I review what happened, what I said, how I acted, and then I think about what I could have done differently and I find myself berating myself for why I didn't act differently. And if I had a friend who was telling this to me, I would probably say, "We all make mistakes. Gives yourself a break and let it go." So if it could say that to someone else, why is it so hard for me to accept that for myself?

It's funny and sad that there are so many times we would treat others even better than we treat ourselves. We look for the best in our friends and our loved ones. We forgive them minor (and sometimes major) transgressions. We see them through the very best eyes because of how much we care. And yet, when it comes to looking at ourselves, we are so many times our own worst critic.

So what if we each deiced to treat ourselves with kids gloves, to look for the best in what we see of ourselves today, to give ourselves kudos rather than insults? What if we decided that taking care of ourselves meant being kind to ourselves? What if we decided that feeling better meant treating ourselves better? What if we decided that today, if even for a moment, we looked for all it is that we are doing right and felt the joy of being on the right track and being appreciated for doing the same? How would that change us for the better and how would that change our lives for good?

Lesson learned.