Do nothing

I am learning, slowly but surely, that my tendency to want to do something, to fix something, to act immediately- is not always what a situation calls for. Sometimes, many times in fact, the answer about what to do is to do nothing.

When I experience conflict in my personal or professional life, I want to figure out a solution, decide how I'm getting there, and take the first step....  all within the blink of an eye. But as I get older (and hopefully a little wiser) I understand that taking a step back first, and thinking quietly, pondering thoughtfully, assessing meaningfully, will lead me to solutions I did not see or could not see for acting so quickly. Stepping back and being quiet and letting my mind wander and cultivate the whole picture, is often more satisfying and more productive than my typical tendency to act first and think about it later.

But communicating this to others who want a solution given instantaneously is difficult. And taking the time that I need to really ruminate on a problem is the opposite of what people are used to from me, and honestly, what I am used to from myself. But that wanting for immediate answers, and that yearning for immediate solutions, as tempting as it may be to give in to that, I am going to consciously work against. Because ironically it's in the doing less and thinking more, acting less and feeling more, agitating less and being more, that leads me places I couldn't see for acting quickly, and helping me arrive right where I want to be.

Lesson learned.


  1. Allison, some people die not having learned this life lesson. Wishing you well.


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