Measure in love

I've been a little busy lately. Work has been hectic, kids have been hectic, social calendar hectic, and while everything is really good and while I am very grateful for all, the feeling of running on the hamster wheel started to get to me the other day. So one morning as I was getting ready for work, I heard a phrase come through loud and clear from "Rent"... "measure your life in love."

It made me stop and think. About what we value in life. About what we strive for in life. About what it is we want to achieve or yearn for or attempt. It made me realize that when it is all said and done, when you look back now or in 5 years or at the end of it all, if we measure what we have in terms of love, what will we find?

And I think the measurement is not just about love received but also, and maybe more so, about love we have given. About times when we could have gotten angry or gotten revenge, but instead we got over it. About people who make us crazy and push our buttons and drive us mad, and trying to think of them as teachers of lessons we need to learn, as opposed to enemies we need to fight. About those we love and telling them so and showing them so, by believing in them and believing in us and believing in all good things. About giving love to ourselves, about silencing that voice of criticism and contempt, about seeing ourselves in our best light and forgiving ourselves our flaws. And maybe in deciding what we want to measure in our life and how we want to measure it, we can find that our lives and our loves measure beyond what we could have ever imagined.

Lesson learned.


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