Take these broken wings and learn to fly

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly. All your life; you were only waiting for this moment to arise." ~ The Beatles.

There are moments in our lives when our souls have been hurt or broken. We feel the wind taken out of our sails. We feel the energy we have harnessed and treasured, leave us. We feel taken down a notch, we feel our pride bruised, we have been felled to our knees. And in those moments it is hard to think, not just about how we will not get up again, but how we will walk again or run. And yet, over time, we will do just that. And that is what we have to remember.

Maybe even more so we need to realize that sometimes the world around us has to crumble to unearth what lies beneath or to show us what lies ahead. Looking past the rubble we may see a glimpse of not just want we were looking for, but also what we dreamed could be. Perhaps it is in the ruins of what we have that our ideas can come to fruition. Perhaps it is in the losing , that we gain the path to even more.

I have friends who have been enduring difficult times lately and it is not just my hope that something better will come along, but my belief as well. Because it cannot be that all the pain is for nothing. It cannot be that all we have lost falls on deaf ears. It cannot be that what we thought we wanted  or hoped we had, turned out to be neither for no reason at all. It has to be that it is simply that we cannot see what is to come; and how happy we will be when we get there.

Lesson learned.
- a