Happy (almost) birthday to me

So on one of the last days before my birthday, I started thinking about the past year: about what has happened that I was fortunate to experience, about what I wished had happened but did not, about what I was surprised to find,  about what I was dismayed to learn. And all of this thinking back about that past year also has me looking forward to seeing what this new year has in store. 

It has been a long time and a long road in my search for love, and what I found is that looking where I used to look and wishing what I used to wish did not bring me what I wanted. I remember making a list of what I wanted for in a new love, and this year it turns out, I found him. With someone unexpected, but someone also right for me.  Funny how it can take you a long time to learn to get out of your own way.

At home with my family I have learned that "this too shall pass" in sibling arguments and in teenage moods. I have learned that my children growing up allows me to grow with them; and I have learned that sometimes laughing it off is better than trying to explain just why my way is better.

This getting older is, for me, a chance to keep getting better at being me. I am now older than my mom ever was and maybe remembering that will help me bring to fruition my next round of possibilities. But one thing I know for sure, I can't even begin to imagine where I may be this time next year, and the hopefulness in that thought makes me wish myself the happiest of birthdays.

Lesson learned.