Puzzle pieces- finding your match

Sometimes in a relationship you feel as if you fit together like matched puzzle pieces, and then there are other times when you feel you are not. And when the times that you don't fit outweigh the times that you do, maybe it's time to make a change. Because the thing about puzzles is that you can't make pieces fit together that don't; try as you might, struggle as you may, pieces that don't fit won't fit. 

So maybe this is the time to realize that's the case, and maybe now is the opportunity to decide to make a difference in your life. Maybe now is the time to admit that you'd rather not look the other way at something and someone that doesn't work for you; and maybe now is the time to choose being on your own - believing that someone and something better lies ahead for you. 

Because when we decide to leave what doesn't work for the hope of that something will, we open ourselves and our hearts to something new and wonderful happening. No, it's not always easy and no it's not always fun, but loneliness with the possibility of having it end beats loneliness inside the wrong relationship. So maybe today's the day to take that step forward and maybe this is the year you get to choose you. 

Wishing everyone everywhere a happy new year and a 2016 filled with hope and possibility.

Lesson learned.