Groundhog Day

On this Groundhog Day, I'm reminded of the movie where Bill Murray lives one day over and over again. I'm also reminded of something a good friend recently said to me: that you can live a thousand days, or one day a thousand times. To me, the lesson from both of these sources, is that each day we can choose to make different choices in determining our own fate, or we can decide to remain unhappy and stuck, reliving the same mistakes and never learning.

It's one of the great struggles, I think, to take responsibility for our own lives. To not be a victim of circumstance but rather to take ownership of our part in where we are and how we got here. It's not to say that the bad things that happen in our lives are as a result of our own doing necessarily, but it our actions in accepting whatever responsibility we do have, and then  facing the aftermath of such adversity or tragedy, that determine where it is we go next.

For all of us there are moments when we fall to our knees in sadness and desperation- and whether we got there because of something we did or something someone else did to us is unimportant. Rather it's what we do next that defines who we are. It's whether we choose to relive the same poor choices, it's whether we choose to bask in misery, it's whether we choose to remain mired in gloom, that will ultimately cause us the most unhappiness. And if we instead decide to pick ourselves up, as best we can and from wherever we are, we honor our soul. It's when we are determined and we are focused and we are self-reliant and sufficient that we become the true person we were meant to be, and learn where it is our life will take us in return.

Lesson learned.