As I approach another birthday with wishes from around town and around the country, I am reminded of just how many people I am able to call friend. From many different walks of life, from many different times in my life, from many different struggles and many different accomplishments, I am grateful for the breadth of those who surround me, even from very far away. 

People who have known me since I was born, people who have known me since I was a teen, people who have known me since kindergarten and those who have known me since high school. People from college, people from law school, people from my first job, people since my marriage. People who I met through my children, people who helped me through my divorce. People who I have known for years and those I have known for only months. Every one brings something that makes me grateful for them in my life and for many different reasons. 

So I thank you all for what you have given- even if it is just a random thought of a time gone by. Because all of you and each of you have made a difference in my life. To challenge me, to cheer me on, to force me to learn something about life or about myself, even if maybe I didn't want to learn. To bring joy even through tears, to bring love even after loss. To know today is just a small step in the years of my life, but to appreciate having it to walk through. To know that even though the years go on and the friendships may change, they endure even when we think we have forgotten. To celebrate the happiest of birthdays and hope for many more to come. 

Lesson learned- 


  1. Happy birthday to you. Know that you make a difference.


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