Sometimes you have to leave

I think people often struggle with the decision about whether or not to leave a relationship. They want something to work out so badly that they overlook all that is wrong, until something in them breaks and they realize with a start just how long they have been enduing a bad situation.

But here's the thing about leaving, sometimes you leave and never come back, and sometimes you leave and acknowledge all you had that is now gone. Sometimes in the leaving the time away gives you the perspective to appreciate what you had and the knowledge to try to make it work again. I think there are times when we expect someone else to do or be something that we are lacking in ourselves and when we fix what it is that is broken inside, we appreciate all the other person had to give.

Of course there are also times when you leave and find something better was waiting, even if the something better is just finding yourself. Maybe we have to get out of the noise of a relationship to listen to what it is we need in ourselves and for ourselves; not to be provided by another but to be accomplished on our own. Maybe we are looking for a relationship to be all that we lack, rather than having it be that it is - an addition and a help to what we have alone. So maybe in the leaving we find our way back together, or maybe we find out way back to ourselves.

Lesson learned.
- a


  1. Terrific advice: Just finding your self...that phrase sums it up. I discovered me, myself and I!


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