One step at a time

There are so many times in our lives when we just want to know how things will work out. I remember graduating from law school and I wondered if I would ever get married and have children, I remember wondering where my career would take me. And then there were times when my thoughts about the future were less long-term like how I would get through my separation and divorce, and what my life would be like when it was over. Like when, as a single mom dating for what seemed like forever, I wondered if I would ever fall in love again.

And I think it's in those times of both long-term questions and short-term angst that we have to remind ourselves to just take one step at a time. Because the truth is that we can't know how things will turn out and we can't see, or even imagine in many cases, what the future will bring. We are too limited in our vision and too consumed with the present to comprehend where life may lead us. So all we can do is to figure out, right here and now, what step to take next.

And in the taking of one step after the other, life will unfold and experiences will lead us in new directions. We may find love where we never thought to look, we may find happiness in an area never considered. We may find ourselves in new jobs or new cities, we may find ourselves happier than we could have imagined even after being sadder than we would have liked. So in those times of uncertainty and despair, in those times of wonder and consideration, remember to do really the only thing you can: take one step at a time. And just see where you may go.

Lesson learned.
- a