Wake up to say I love you

It's funny when you think about what love is or is not. To some it's doing the dishes, to others it's sending flowers for no reason. To some it's going for a walk after dinner, to others it's building a walk in closet. To some it's holding someone's hand as you fall asleep or waking up and saying I love you.

I think so many couples forget to connect on a daily basis. They let their time be dictated by outside forces and they are weary from the grind. It's not always easy balancing work life with home life with children with spouses; but it's worth it to take a minute and take a breath and look at the person you're with, and remember why you are there.

In my work life I deal each day with relationships that have grown apart and lives that are, at times, falling apart. And maybe it's because of that that I am reminded to appreciate the small moments of connection- whether it's to tell a friend I miss seeing them or kissing my children goodnight, whether it's telling my boyfriend I appreciate him or calling my aunt to say I love you. And really, it's those moments that make up the goodness in our life. So stop for a minute and breathe. Decide what it is or who it is you are grateful for and give thanks, both to them and for them; it will help turn your day around; it will help make theirs even better.

Lesson learned.
- a


  1. A simple act of kindness and appreciation are the adhesive that binds.


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