Crazy messy friends

Now is the time of year that may bring up memories of good times past, of missing loved ones no longer with us, of considering how we might want to change our lives, and of thinking what the future may hold. And in those times of remembering or hoping, we may find ourselves in moments of sadness or fear or giddiness or joy, or sometimes (and maybe most times) the feelings come jumbled all together. It is in those times of mixed-up jumbled emotions that I am most grateful for those friends with whom I can be my crazy messy emotional self.

Because it is with our crazy messy friends that we can consider all things and feel all things without judgment or fear of reprisal. It is with those friends that we can unmask our hopes and unburden our fears and know that we will be supported and loved through it all. It is with those people in our lives that we know we are never alone, that we know we are not the only ones with these feelings, that we can be assured we will make it through.

I find great comfort in the fact that there are those people who come into our lives with whom we need not put on airs or put on a fa├žade. Those people who come to your house and you don't worry if it's in perfect order. Those people who are our friends to celebrate our best times and help carry us through our worst. Those friends who revel in our crazy messy feelings and share theirs as well. Those friends who become our family and love us just as we are.

Lesson learned.


  1. This post rings true. What would we be with out these real friends? Blessed is what you are.


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