Happy 2017!

With the ending of each year and the beginning of another, I feel a tremendous amount of pressure. To be better and to do better in almost each aspect of my life. And maybe the truth is that the pressure we put on ourselves is really counter-productive. Maybe if we accept ourselves as we are, and understand that in each day we do the best we can with whatever life throws at us, maybe that's the way for us to be our best selves. 

Because in accepting who we are instead of berating ourselves for what we are not, in appreciating how far we've come rather than looking at how far we have to go, in understanding that our lack of perfection is what provides us compassion, we do ourselves and our lives the most honorable service. Because really it's the constant nagging voice that we are not enough that we tear ourselves down bit by bit; so perhaps silencing that voice is the best resolution we can achieve. 

So here's to a 2017 filled with possibility. Here's to loving those around us for their faults even more than their attributes. Here's to enjoying what our life provides instead of focusing on what it lacks. Here's to coming to each opportunity with an open heart and no expectation. Here's to feeling our best and doing our best as well as we can each day; without judgement, without pessimism. Here's to a new year and a new outlook of empathy and openness. Happy New Year to all. 

Lesson learned. 
- a 


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