When hope is easy

It's easy to have hope for the future when things are going your way. When you feel like your life is moving in the right direction, when you feel supported, when you feel you are surrounded by love. It is much harder to have hope, however, when things seem to be working against you. When you feel like you are swimming upstream, when you feel like your hard work is not paying off, when you feel like love will never be found. But it is in those moments of difficulty when having hope is hardest that it is most necessary.

Going through struggles of finding love or finding success or finding fulfillment came seem like a never-ending walk through a long maze. And as we meander along and as we continue to muddle through, we need to have some glimmer of faith that things will work out. Because as the love is found or success is gained or fulfillment felt, that glimmer of faith will continue to grow stronger. But having that first glimmer and holding onto it for dear life are the reasons we are able to move forward.

So in those times of uncertainty and sadness, see if you can just find a speck, a flicker, a moment of hope. Because when you do and when you can, that light will eventually catch fire. It may not come as quickly as you like or in the manner you may have imagined, but it will come. And knowing that the start of that journey is powered by a spark may be the one light that helps you continue on.

Lesson learned.


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