Stepping back

It's my personality to be a "jump in" kind of girl. And it's for that reason that being a litigator fits my personality so well. Being in the thick of the fight, diving head first into someone else's drama and seeing what I can do to help, are all part of the reasons I like being a family law attorney. And yet, in my life and in my work, sometimes jumping in is not what's called for. Sometimes what's needed is to take a step back and think and wait.

Now waiting and patience are not my strong suit. Never have been and likely never will be. But when I am bogged down in work and in the daily run-around of my life and I'm feeling like there is too much to do and too many people to answer and too many errands to run and too much life to juggle, jumping in again and again does not serve me well.

Sometimes it's taking some time off that you can do your best work. Resetting yourself and your balance, relaxing your mind and your body, allowing yourself to just be instead of doing something (or many things) can do a tremendous amount of good in the long run. Because it's in feeling refreshed and rejuvenated that we are recharged for the next day. It's in the relaxing and unwinding that we are able to garner more energy in the long run. When we are allowed to sit quietly or be still we prepare ourselves to be our best selves in the end. It's in the stepping back that we are then more prepared to jump in anew.

Lesson learned.