It just takes one

I remember when I was looking to sell my first house, taking calls and straightening up, and as I left I would hope that this would be the last time I'd have to furiously clean and pack up my toddler to head out the door. I remember after several of these calls and showings that I started to feel worried and hopeless, but then my realtor told me, "It just takes one." It just takes one person to love your house and want to buy it. It just takes one contract that we agree on to move you onward. It just takes one of these showings to lead to the next owner. It just takes one.

I think the same can be said for love. For my friends who are searching for the right person, who go on date after date and website after website wondering when and if that person will come into their lives, I say to them, "It just takes one." It just takes one person to look at you and make you feel like you are seen. It just takes one to kiss you and have you feel it down to your toes. It just takes one person to love you for who you are and not want you to change. It just takes one.

So for those who are out there and looking, for those who grow sad and worry about whether the right person may ever come to be, have hope and keep the faith. Because for every frog kissed who remains that frog, for every date you go on that leads not to a second but to a great story, there is something better waiting. Don't give up. Don't give in. Just wait. It just takes one.

Lesson learned.


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