Birthday goals

I realized this weekend that sometimes just having fun is an acceptable goal. To relish where you are. To enjoy the company you keep. To decide to embrace what the day may have to offer without planning or concern. Because this weekend, for my birthday, having friends around and hearing from those near and far, reminded me of how lucky I am and  how life is meant to be lived zealously.  

Certainly there have been challenges and certainly there will be more ahead, but worrying about what may happen not only doesn't ensure that what you fear may not come to pass, but it robs you of the joy you have right now. Taking each moment and just deciding to be in that space and for that time and appreciating what it is, is plenty to fill that space. But that goal of present-ness is often illusive to those of us who try to plan for uncertainty. 

So my goals for this new year of my life are to not have to make something happen, to just live the life put in front of me, to strive for goals and relish when they happen, to understand that those not achieved hide lessons to be learned. This year and those to come contain memories to hold and look back on with fondness, to simply embrace what it is and move forward with gusto. 

Lesson learned.