Sometimes you have to leave

There comes that moment on vacation when you are happy to have been where you are and ready to go home. And maybe that's part of the blessing of leaving, to come back again.

I think it's the same for relationships. Because being together all of the time and doing things together all of the time can lead to too much familiarity, too much sameness, too much taking each other for granted. Which is why, when one of you leaves- whether it's for work each day or for vacation with friends or family or for a night out away from the other- the time spent apart reminds you what it means to be together and to be grateful for that. 

I think that when we have too much togetherness, instead of forging bonds, we sometimes create wedges. Because having someone there all the time does not allow us to miss each other, to appreciate each other, to understand what it means to be away and to be happy to come back. So maybe time apart is not what you want, but maybe it's what you need. For a few hours or a few days, for however long it takes. To believe in yourself in being alone and to be back in love when you return. 

Lesson learned.