Mother's Day

On this day, we reflect on what it's like to be a mother or miss a mother. What it's like to relish the mother we do have or bemoan the mother we wish we had. What it's like to live our life with our mother here- or what it's like to live our life without her.

To honor those who have loved us and cared for us like a mother. To understand those who could not be the mother they knew they should have been. To appreciate the mothers we are to our children. To forgive ourselves for the mothers we are not.

Mother's Day is a day to say thank you and I love you. To those we love in spite of their faults. To those we love because of their flaws. To remember those for the time we had them, however short. To know that mothers- the ones we had and the ones we are- are not perfect; but to honor and appreciate them nonetheless.

Lesson learned.