Keeping an open heart

I hear from so many people in my personal and professional life that once they are out of a bad relationship, they will never get married again, never fall in love again, never be fooled again. And yet, while I think being in a bad relationship is never good, and getting out of a bad relationship is wise and honorable, there is something to be said for putting yourself and your heart out there. Because trying and believing and hoping for love to come along can never be wrong.

I have a belief that every wrong relationship leads us one step closer to bringing someone right into our life. Every misstep teaches us what we don't want, but from most relationships we can also find something that we do want to have in our next love. Whether it's adventure or compassion, whether it is great conversation or great humor, whether it is great passion or great comfort, we can learn something from the past someones in our lives, be it good or bad lessons learned.

So for those who are searching and for those who are longing, look back over your past and make a list for what you dream will come. Decide what you do want, decide what you don't. Decide what you will put up with and what's a deal-breaker. Look inside yourself and outside your surroundings to make the changes in you that need to be made, and then, preciously with a first step and more boldly each step after, believe in love, hope for the best, and open your heart to what the future may bring.

Lesson learned.
- a