Swimsuit season

So begins that time of year when there are vacations to be had which include.... wearing a swimsuit.
Closely following the beginning of swimsuit season is the anxiety I feel from having a less than perfect body to flaunt in said suit. And while this is far from a new anxiety, this season I'm determined to do something about it.

When I was out of town last year with my family and I was jumping over the ocean waves with my 8 year old nephew, the first thing on my mind was how high we could jump together and the last thing on my mind was what I looked like in my suit. I was more focused on the fits of giggles my nephew and I shared, the screams of joy as the waves splashed up against us, the pure delight in getting to be together when we live so far apart. It was the perfect day. It was the perfect moment. And for that period of time, I was fully present and consumed by how happy we were together, and not at all concerned with what I looked like.

And so for this season, I hope to do the same. To revel in the feeling of the sun and the waves, to enjoy being with those I love in settings almost too beautiful to capture on film. To believe that I can just be happy being as I am and who I am, no matter the number on a scale. To let go of whatever insecurities I may have and to have them replaced fully and completely by just being grateful. To know that, whatever I may be wearing, the delight in the moment is not dictated by the outfit worn.

Lesson (hopefully) learned.