There are times in our lives when we feel like we are in the middle of the storm and there is no end in sight. That the emotional mud that is clinging to our lives will never be washed away. That we keep repeating the same movie's end despite our desire to change the story. And that may all be true, unless it's really just perspective that doesn't allow us to see.

Unless the storm is really just a blip on our life's radar. Unless this is just one stitch in the greater framework. Unless what we see as a stumbling block is really a stair step to something good. Unless this is just life throwing us a curve to get us back on track to where we need to be.

Unless we believe in something more and something bigger and something wonderful, we cannot move from where we are. Unless we have hope that getting through and releasing the despair will allow room for the right person to come in. Unless we appreciate that where we are now is not where we will always be. Unless we believe in love, unless we believe we are deserving, unless we believe the story's ending remains untold. Unless we accept that this is not all there is. And when we finally appreciate that, we will know we are on to something.

Lesson learned.


  1. This is such a timely message filled with positive vibes.


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