A change in trajectory

I have been thinking about some friends who are in the middle of life-changing times. Whose plan for the future took a sudden and wrong turn. Without warning. Without justification. Without deserving what is happening. Without understanding why it is.

But as disorienting and confusing and maddening and saddening as it is, life will go on. Hanging on by our fingertips. By our fingernails. By the energy it takes to take one more breath in. By the fortitude it takes to take one more step forward. It's not fair. It's not right. It's undeserved. It's just wrong. And yet, it's life and there is little we can do but move forward.

That feeling of drowning. Of never looking up. Of never being happy. Of never having joy. It will pass, I promise, but it will not be easy. It will never fully go away. But it will subside. And you will continue on. Without knowing how or why. Feeling like all is lost and there is no hope. But I promise you there is.

Because time must move on and our hearts must begin to heal. The path we were walking, we will never walk again, but continue on we will. In a different way and really, in a different life. But the journey is not over and the path is far from known. So hold on. Minute by minute. Breath by breath. Until you no longer have to count either, and you find yourself anew.

Lesson learned.


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