Missteps in our new year's resolutions

There is a interesting statistic about new year's resolutions, that 80% of all resolutions fail by February. And I think it may have something to do an "all or nothing" attitude and the pressure that we put on ourselves to succeed, and the devastation we then feel at the first misstep. But really, the end of one year and the beginning of another is just another day passing. And really every day we can decide to start over again tomorrow. Because each day provides us the opportunity to start a new year or a new life or a new whatever we want.

Each day gives us the possibility to choose- to continue on the path or to take a new direction. To stay with our partner or spouse, to stay in the life we have, to appreciate what is given and to be grateful for what it is; or to move on, to leave what is not supportive and joyous, what is not playful or delightful, what does not make us happy or leave us fulfilled.

So this year, making resolutions and failing to keep them should not deter us from what it is we want to change or what it is we seek to find. Whether we begin the new year continuing what we have started or whether we decide to take our failures and learn from them and move on. It's not a resolution to start a new year that we should be looking at, but to resolve to do what brings us the happiness we all deserve this very day and onto many others.

Lesson learned.