Happy birthday to me

It has not always been easy. Or fair. Or right. Or happy. Or just. But it has been what it needed to be or had to be or would have been no matter how much I wished differently. 

It was years built of confusion and fear and elation and great joy and equally great sorrow. It was total delight and completeness and everything fitting together and nothing out of place. It was a jumbled mess and tears and anger and despair and hopelessness. 

It was all of those things that lead me here. To where I am. To feeling like the luckiest girl. To feeling so grateful. To not knowing what’s coming. To appreciate what I have. To looking forward no matter what. 

Happy birthday to me- 


  1. happy birthday and as I grow older, I do believe One day at a time is all we can do. Happy you are happy.


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