I think with most things in life, we all want to be certain. That we're in the right job, that we're with the right partner, that we made the right move, that we said the right thing. We want to raise our children right and do our jobs the best and be the best friend and have the right goals. We want to know that the path we're on and the things we do each day are leading us in the right direction and to the right goal.

But really, that's all a myth we tell ourselves. Because we can't really be certain about anything; we can just do the best we can today, where we are and with the information we have. We can look for affirmation in a spouse but they can't give it to us either, and really, they shouldn't. Making decisions for ourselves and our own lives has to be something we do alone. We can ask advice, we can seek out opinions, but really, in the end, no one knows what's best for you and, maybe even more so, no one can tell you what lies ahead. 

So in making the choices today for where you are and where you're going, have faith in yourself. Believe that you know best. Believe that you are doing what's in your best interest.  Believe that your life will take you where it will and you can steer the best way you can, but you don't know what the future holds. So hang on and hang in there. Know that you don't need to know. Because you will make it through whatever life throws at you and you will learn and thrive and love and laugh and do it all by yourself and for yourself. And in the end, while having others in our lives is wonderful, what you really need is only you.  

Lesson learned. 


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