I'd rather be happy

I'm often asked in my work whether someone should stay in a loveless marriage for the sake of the children, stay in a relationship because it's safe but unfulfilling, stay with a person who is not right for them but not awful; and the answer I most often give is: if given the choice, I'd rather choose the possibility of being happy over never taking a chance. Because in our lives, when we have choices to make, maybe if we let happiness be our guide, we can't take a wrong turn.

Certainly there are struggles in every relationship and certainly no one is without flaws, we have struggles with our weight or with our money, we have struggles with our family or our children, we have struggles with our career or with our friends, but overall, and despite these struggles, the question I ask is: are you happy? Knowing that nothing and no one is perfect, knowing that no life is without pain or difficulty, knowing that our path forward is not set in stone but left to our choices, are you choosing happiness, or even the possibility of it, over something else?

Being happy is a state of mind, but experiencing happiness is a state of being. Deciding to take whatever moment you are in and looking to find what is it that makes you and your life sing, that makes your heart beat just a tick more, that makes your eyes brighten and your step lighten, taking that choice that sets you on that path can't be wrong. So make whatever choice you need to and whatever choice you want to, don't let convention or the opinions of others weigh down your soul. Take your own steps on your own way to wherever it is you want, or whatever it is you hope lies ahead.

Lesson learned.